Laminated Pole 

- significantly increased stability 
- no cracks
- smooth surface
- diameter: 9,5cm
- weight: ca. 9 - 10 kg

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Laminated poles are glued from 3 - 4 layers. For this purpose, the base material is first technically dried and then planed to size, which makes the wood very dimensionally stable. In order to bring the squared timber into a round shape, they are planed again along the direction of the grain to create a smooth surface. This high-quality processing results in a light and very stable obstacle bar without cracks. 

Heartwood Poles
- inexpensive and stable
- severe cracking
- unpolished surface
- Diameter: 10cm
- Weight: ca. 10 - 13kg

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For the production of the heartwood poles, young spruce trees are milled across the wood fiber. So that the wood can be milled well, the logs should be processed with a high level of wood moisture shortly after felling. Especially in the summer months, it can happen that the wood dries too quickly, which can result in rough spots on the surface. Since technical drying causes significantly more pronounced cracking, the sticks are air-dried as gently as possible over a period of several months, which means that fluctuations in weight cannot be avoided. The cracks are also more severe due to warm weather and the resulting shorter drying time. Due to the eponymous wooden core, the poles are still very stable.

Obstacle poles should not be too light. If a horse touches a pole, enormous forces can occur due to the speed and the high weight of the animal. In order to enable horse and rider to land safely, it is important that the obstacle bar falls vertically to the ground after touching. Poles that are too light can be carried in the direction of the jump and cause serious accidents when landing, so they are only suitable for ground work



Poles in Heartwood incl. plastic caps

unpainted one colour
two colours
three or more colours


20,50€ 25,00€ 28,00€ 31,00€
22,50€ 27,50€ 30,50€ 33,50€

Laminated Poles incl. plastic caps

unpainted one colour
two colours
three or more colours
35,50€ 40,00€ 43,00€ 46,00€
37,50€ 42,50€ 45,50€ 48,50€

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